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Zarmaili Zarmaili


Since the birth of the Indonesian nation, almost all villages had customary government and laws adhered to by their respective cultures. Customary government was born out of the agreement of indigenous peoples spontaneously without any engineering as the desire and common goal of indigenous peoples. Since 2000 there has been a lot of division of villages, so there are many problems that occur between the government of the devision village, both the boundary problem and the obligation to the development of the border area. This study aims to explain the role of customary government of Tanjung Pauh Mudik Village of Kerinci of Jambi to  synergize among five of village governments. Using a qualitative descriptive approach, data were obtained through interviews and focus group discussions to customary government elements selected by snawball methode. Furthermore, the data were analyzed by using triangulation method and conclusion, this research resulted that the Customary Government of Tanjung Pauh Mudik Village of Kerinci of Jambi was very needed in the process of implementing the development of the villages. The customary government can synergize between the village governments. The village government in the process of execution of village development is always accompanied and supervised by the customary government. Village government and village communities are still obey to customary law and government.


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