Author Guidelines

  1. Manuscript submitted to J-TRAP must be original, free from plagiarism, and is not processed to other publication
  2. Manuscript has to have abstract consist of 200 to 250 words with three to five keywords;
  3. Manuscript consist of: a) title; b) author�s name; c) institution; d) email address;
  4. J-TRAP accept manuscript either written in Bahasa Indonesia or English
  5. Manuscript written in Times New Roman 12pt; single space; 2.5 margin; 4000 to 5000 words including abstract, references, table, and pictures;
  6. References written in body text format;
  7. Manuscript structured by APA style (American Psychological Association)
  8. Manuscript is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English. Title is presented in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  9. Literature citation in text consists of author�s name and year of publication.
  1. There is no  fee to be charged in submission and publication process  of  the  articles.

These are the example:

Caiden states (1991) �

Denhardt, Robert. (2004). Trust as Capacity: The Role of Integrity and Responsiveness. Dalam Ali Farazmand (ed). Sound Governance: Policy and Administrative Innovations (99-112). Connecticut: Praeger.

Fadillah Putra. (2009). Senjakala Good Gevernance. Malang: Averroes Press.

Cutter, Susan L., et al. (2008). A Place-Based Model for Understanding Community Resilience to Natural Disasters. Global Environmental Change 18(4): 598-606.